The Percussion Festival at Round Top, (Texas) is an annual music festival dedicated to the performance of contemporary works for percussion.
Each year the festival features works performed/composed by solo performers, chamber percussion groups, and composers. Recent participants include: So Percussion, Third Coast Percussion, Meehan/Perkins Duo, Thomas Burritt, Paul Lansky, and Dan Welcher.
"Percussion Galore" April 17th, 2010 will feature Percussion Group Cincinnati, line upon line, Meehan/Perkins Duo, and composer Belinda Reynolds.

12th April 2010


Round Top Percussion Festival “Percussion Galore” Programs 2010

Round Top “Percussion Galore” 

Concert #1 


Anvil Chorus                                                                           David Lang                Owen Weaver, multi-percussion

Three Movements for Timpani                                               Tony Edwards        

Tony Edwards, timpani (world premiere)

Cinnabar Heart                                                                         Chinary Ung              
Thomas Burritt, marimba

Mouse Running                                                                          Louis Andriessen    

Thomas Burritt, marimba

brief pause (5 min)

Meehan/Perkins Duo

Driving Bell                                                                                 Nathan Davis            

 for multiple amplified triangles

Observation                                                                                Tristan Perich             

for crotales and 1-bit music

 Nagoya Marimbas                                                                      Steve Reich              

Round Top “Percussion Galore” 

Concert II 

4:00 pm 

line upon line

Rain Tree (1981)                                                           Toru Takemitsu (1930-1996)

Okho (1989)                                                                   Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001)


Inuksuit (2009)                                                          John Luther Adams

for nine to ninety-nine percussion

Round Top “Percussion Galore” Concert III 8:00

Strands (2009)

for solo marimba                                                                     Belinda Reynolds

                        World Premiere, Thomas Burritt, marimba

The So Called Laws of Nature (2001)                                         David Lang

            Part I

            Part II

            Part III

                        The University of Texas Percussion Group

                                    Thomas Burritt, Artistic Director

Philip Welder, Matt Teodori, Reese Foster, Kaitlyn Gabos, Adam Bedel, Owen Weaver, Chris Lizak, Chad Crumel, Tim Briones, Eric Peterson, Andrew Emerich, Cullen Faulk


Percussion Group Cincinnati

Allen Otte   James Culley   Russell Burge

some of Living Room Music, with

Imaginary Landscape No. 2 (1940/42)                                             John Cage

Balinese Ceremonial Music (1934/38)                                   Colin McPhee (arr. PGC)

    I.    Pemoengkah                                                                                 

    II.   Gambangan

    III.  Taboeh Teloe                                                                                                

from Drama (1996)*                                                                        Guo Wen-jing

Chilean Songs                                                                                  arr. PGC

2nd April 2010

Video with 1 note

Meehan/Perkin Duo plays Once Removed by J. F. Rogers. Taken from Vic Firth Concert Percussion Podcast. The Duo will appear on this years Festival, April 17th, 2010 at 1:30 PM. 

14th March 2010

Video with 1 note

John Luther Adams discusses the upcoming performance of his work “Inuksuit” at the Round Top Percussion Festival “Percussion Galore” at Round Top, Texas April 17th, 2010. Come play with us and be one of 99 percussionists!

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4th March 2010

Video with 2 notes

Would you like “To act in the capacity of the human”? We are looking forward to performing John Luther Adam’s “Inuksuit” at the “Percussion Galore” 2010 and YOU can be a part! We are currently looking for percussion performers to join us for this amazing opportunity as we strive to reach our goal of 99 players! Don’t play percussion? Then, come and experience and participate as a deep listener!

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